How do I change my subscription, "Swap" a product, or update my grind or roast selections?

First you must register for an account at

Beneath Delivery Schedule, click the subscription you'd like to update or swap. Next, go to the product options and select the roast, grind, or quantity option you'd like to adjust.

To Swap your product for something else, scroll down until you see the Swap Product button.

From here you can swap your product instead of canceling and repurchasing. Swapping is oh-so much easier than the purgatory of canceling and repurchasing.
Please be noted that we now have 2 roasting/shipping schedules for our Coffee Clubs.

'Tasters, Explorers, Roasters Club' orders are now processed/ charged around 13th and delivered on the following week.

'Cuppers Club' orders are now processed/ charged around 27th and delivered on the first week of the following month.

If you would like to switch from 'Cuppers Club' to 'Tasters, Explorers, Roasters Club' or vice versa, please contact us at

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