How should I store my fresh-roasted coffees to best preserve the quality and flavor?

If you’re drinking it within the next 2 weeks, keep it sealed in the original bag or in an air-locked container away from humidity and sunlight.

Need to store it for over 2 weeks? Expel the oxygen from the bag and freeze it for freshness, but never refrigerate.

If your freezer is cold enough and the bag is well sealed, you can keep it for years! Don’t worry about thawing your coffee before grinding. The frozen beans will actually grind more evenly. Bonus!

Get this: freezing can be so effective at maintaining the quality that some cafes feature coffees from their “vintage freezer menu”, and one World Barista Competitor used a vintage frozen coffee in a World Barista Competition!

Pro-tip: Coffees easily absorb aromas in their environment. So avoid coffees in bulk bins or sealed in paper kraft bags.

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