Do you carry K-cups, coffee pods or instant coffee?

A wonderful alternative to K-cups is our adventure ready single-serve Hawaiian & Kona coffees. Simply steep them in hot water wherever you are, no equipment required! They come in fully compostable, nitro sealed packets that are perfect for travel or a comforting cup at home.

We do not do K-cups at this time as they would raise the cost of our 100% Hawaiian coffees while reducing the quality and freshness. K cups typically raise the cost of a coffee by 5x, so our 100% Kona coffees, which now costs approximately $1.66 per cup when made at home, would be over $8 per cup. In order to reduce the cost, some companies use lower quality coffee in the K-Cup.

We recommend purchasing a universal reusable K-cup.  You'll get to enjoy a wider range of coffees at a fraction of the cost!

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