What can club members expect?

The Hawaiian Coffee of the Month Club subscription is for coffee drinkers who are adventurous and looking to explore Hawaii's wild and beautiful coffees.
If you like the same coffee each month, this subscription isn't for you. Please explore our auto-renew options instead.

Because Hawaii is home to more than 900 small coffee farms, we often find great lots that are too small in volume for us to offer publicly. Instead, we reserve these for our club members. Those in our Explorers Club and Roasters Club receive the richest variety.

Each month, members of our Coffee of the Month Club receive new coffees from Hawaii that are:

DIVERSE: You can expect different islands, processing methods, and coffee varieties each month – all 100% coffee from Hawaii.

PERSONALIZED: Choose your favorite roast profile and how you want your beans to be ground.

FRESH: As we’re a Hawaiian coffee company, our beans are incredibly fresh. They are milled and roasted on the Big Island, with the roast date visible on each bag. Unlike fresh roasting, fresh milling is a process that less than 0.25% of roasters in the world are able to provide, as beans are usually milled in the country where they are grown. Ultimately, this means our selection is fresh when it’s delivered to you, and tastes delicious when you brew it!

SPECIALTY-GRADE: As an expert Hawaiian coffee company, we spend time seeking out Hawaii's top coffees, and roast them in a way that preserves their unique qualities.

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