Will Espresso Bites melt if shipped to my location? How do they typically ship?

Because Espresso Bites are made without stabilizers or preservatives, they may bloom or melt when shipping temperatures exceed 80 F. The good news is that, although they might not be so pretty, they're still delicious! Just pop them in the freezer to re-solidify.

If you'd like to ensure your Espresso Bites do not melt in transit, please select FedEx delivery.

We do not accept returns or refunds on Espresso Bites when the buyer selects Free Shipping or USPS delivery. However, we'll gladly provide a refund or credit if our products are damaged when shipped via FedEx.

If your order is incorrect or damaged in any way, please email us at hello@bigislandcoffeeroasters.com with your order number within 5 days of receiving your order.

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