Why wont my discount code or coupon work?

If your discount code isn't working, it might have been found using a discount/coupon browser extension or a website that claims to have active codes with Big Island Coffee Roasters.
(If this is not the case for you, please contact us.)

Discount & Coupon Code Websites & Browser Extensions These sites often create a frustrating experience because they display discount codes that are expired or not described correctly. (Side note: they also charge companies a commission when a sale is made, whether or not a code is used.)

Here's an example of a complaint and accompanying screenshot that we received from a customer: "I've tried all the codes and none of them work! Something is wrong with your site." In reality, the problem is with her browser extension:

- ALOHAATHOME expired in 2021
- WELCOME15 & WELCOME10 expired in 2021
- MILITARY is only available for those with registered military IDs on our site
- bicr200affil expired in 2022 and isn't displaying the correct information. It's for orders over 200 and gives you a free gift, not 5% off.

Unfortunately, it's a frustrating experience for us too because these websites will not remove the old codes (we've asked), and they make a commission on the sale whether or not you use a code.

The only way to get a reliable code is to go through our website and sign up for our SMS list via the pop-up or the link below. →  https://bigislandcoffeeroasters.com/pages/newsletter


I hope this helps!

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